Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene
All Saints Church - Rectors & Vicars  

Don Edwards, whilst researching his family tree, came across our website and noticed an error.** John Berjew senior (Don's ancestor) was Rector of Norton Bavant in 1638 but was ejected because he was a Royalist. He was rewarded in 1660 with the Rectorship of Kingston Deverill when Charles II was crowned King. His son, John Berjew, was appointed Rector of Norton Bavant in 1663 so it was the next generation Berjew who came back to All Saints. Click on John Berjew's link to see the family tree.
Thank you Don!
1306    Anselm Cleymound 1335    Thomas de Button 
1322    William de Merston 1348    Ranulf de Croylond 
1329    Martin d'Erlstok 1351    William de Saxeby 
1333    Thomas de Guldeford 1354    William de Cestford 
1381    William de Gaynesburgh 1663   John Berjew JUNIOR**
1408    Stephen Hulle 1676    Timothy Thorne 
1414    John Carlyl 1716    Francis Cave 
1420    John Corbrigg 1736    William Wroughton 
1425    William Hogge 1749    Abraham Clavey 
1432    Bernard Kenner 1765    Thomas Fisher 
1433    John Carpenter 1794    George Smith 
1434    Thomas Hogge 1837    Edward Eliot D.D.
1435    Thomas Neweman 1861    Joseph P Griffith 
     John Sprent 1863    Edward Eliot B.C.L.
1449    Robert Elyot 1891    Arthur Markham M.A.
1453    Richard Atte Okos 1912    Stanley Forster-Brown M.A.
1464    John Bush 1917    John W Barrow 
1470    Robert Flete 1919    Pierre W Daimpre 
1476    John Draycote 1922    John E Beardsworth 
1489    Alexander Cator 1924    William C Penney M.A.
     Richard Ringwood 1943    Ernest H Earle M.A.
1504    Thomas Benet 1947    Francis L W Sealy 
1510    Richard Wyggan 1953    Howard M Bennett M.A.
1531    Roger Lovell 1958    Donovan V Evening 
1579    John Whitwood 1963    Edward Wade-Stubbs L.Th.
1638   John Berjew SENIOR** 1967    Roland C Desch M.B.E.
1654    An intruded preacher* 1971    John Rhys-Hughes M.A.

The Benefice of Heytesbury and Sutton Veny was created by order of Council, 17 March 1976

Rectors of the Benefice
1976    John Rhys-Hughes 
1981    Peter Redford English 
1991-1995    A R Webb

Thereafter Norton Bavant became part of a wider Team Ministry in the Upper Wylye Valley

*This was the period of the Protectorate: 1653-1660

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