Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Minutes of Parish Meeting  

Minutes of the Norton Bavant Parish meeting held on Wednesday 13th March 2013 in Norton Bavant Village Hall, at 7.30pm.

Present:Geoffrey Frost (Chairman), Gordon Evans (Clerk), Lena Eijvergard, Didee Acworth, John Acworth, Graham Connellan, John Parker, Catherine Parker, Ian Newman, Suzanne Newman, Michael Wooldridge, Andrew Lane, Liz Dawson, Jill Cowley, Pat Frost, Suzanne Elliott, Andrew Elliott and Edward Moore for the last few minutes of the meeting.

The Meeting was attended by Wiltshire Councillor Christopher Newbury.

The Chairman welcomed Councillor Christopher Newbury to the Meeting.

1 Apologies
Angela Williams, Jasper Williams, Josephine Evans, Hilary Connellan, Jane Wooldridge, Rowena Lane, Jon Pollard, Viv Edgar, Mike Edgar, Shirley Wellings.

2 Minutes of the meeting held on 10th October 2012
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising (not listed on the agenda)
There were no matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.

4 The Single Track road to North Farm- Letter from Mrs P Gordon Duff.
A lengthy discussion see extended Parish Meeting note

5 The Telephone Box
The Clerk reported that a notice board, donated by South Farm, has recently been installed in the Telephone Box and is used to display notices related to the parish and the Parish Church.

6 The Village Hall and playing field
The Clerk reported that the Village Hall is now used at least twice a week which is bringing in a regular income. The Village Hall committee have placed plastic coating on the Facia and replaced the guttering with a view minimising long term maintenance costs. The front fence has been damaged beyond repair by the recent high winds and will have to be replaced.

The playing field is in very good order having been cut twice already this season. The hedges around the field have also been cut.

There is a concern that newcomers to the Village are not signing up to making a contribution to the  “Amenity Fund”. The number of contributors is therefore down by four on last year. A means needs to be found to encourage the newcomers to contribute to the cost of running these amenities, which they seem to value.

7 Social Events
A “St George’s Day Barbeque” is planned for Saturday the 20th April at the Village Hall.

This years’ “Field Day” is planned for Saturday the 1st June on the Village Field.

A “Curry Evening” is planned for Saturday the 28th September at the Village Hall.

John Acworth announced that the “Harvest Festival Service” will be held at the Church on Sunday the 29th September at the Church.

8 Neighbourhood Watch
The Clerk reported that he has received an email from PC Vicky Howick asking residents to look out for a green VW Polo registration number M595 YCR. It is suggested that the occupants of the vehicle are actively involved in thefts from vehicles at beauty spots in the Warminster Area. If seen we are asked to contact the Police on 101, or if a crime is being committed call 999. Please do not approach the occupants.

9 Any other business
Suzanne Newman, and others, again expressed a sincere vote of thanks Mike Ersser for his dedication to the task of cutting back the verges and widening the main road right through the village. It was seen as unfortunate that a part of the verge that had been cut back by Mike Ersser had subsequently been damaged by the contractor when the hedge was being cut.

10 Date of the Next Meeting
The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday the 16th October 2013.

The Chairman thanked Wiltshire Councillor Christopher Newbury and all those present for their attendance at the meeting.

Gordon Evans - Clerk to Norton Bavant Parish Meeting - 14th March 2013

Notes from previous meeting: 10 October 2012


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