Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Minutes of Parish Meeting  

Minutes of the Norton Bavant Parish meeting held on Wednesday 10th October 2012 in Norton Bavant Village Hall, at 7.30pm.

Present:Geoffrey Frost (Chairman), Gordon Evans (Clerk), Jasper Williams, Lena Eijvergard, Jon Pollard, Viv Edgar, Mike Edgar, Didee Acworth, Hillary Connellan, Graham Connellan, John Parker, Catherine Parker, Ian Newman, Suzanne Newman, Ann Tucker.

1 Apologies
Andrew Lane, Rowena Lane, Michael Wooldridge, Edward Moore, Pat Frost, Angela Williams, Jo Evans and John Acworth.

2 Minutes of the meeting held on 14th March 2012
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising (not listed on the agenda)
The Clerk reported that the Celebrations held in the Village on Monday the fourth June were an enormous success. The majority of the Village participated in the ambitious programme of events which included a celebration around the Jubilee Seat, a “Boat Race”, tea party and a Barbeque, which ran on late into the evening. Thanks were given to Pat Frost, Jo Evans, Michael Wooldridge and Andrew Lane for organising the Day and to everyone who supported it.

4 The Telephone Box
The Clerk reported that a notice board, donated by South Farm, has recently been installed in the Telephone Box. This notice board is primarily for Village Notices. The existing notice board will continue to be used for notices of a more general nature.

5 The Village Hall and playing field
Thanks were given to Mark Gunter for maintaining the playing field in good order throughout the summer. It was acknowledged that this was helped by the special grooming that the field received in preparation for the Wedding in July.

One of the benches, on the field was damaged when a large bough fell onto it. A replacement bench has been purchased and will be brought into use in the spring.

It was reported that a visitor to the Sutton Veny Show had expressed an interest in purchasing the “old army tent”. The person concerned offered a good price so the tent was sold. With the receipt from this and a £100 donation towards the replacement a new and much larger Tent was purchased. It was generally acknowledged that the replacement tent fits well beside the village hall and it is a valuable additional piece of equipment. The Chairman asked the Clerk to outline the arrangements for using the equipment owned by the Amenity Fund.

The amenity fund has carried out some further improvements to the Village Hall. Much of the external woodwork has been clad in plastic. This will protect the woodwork and save on external decoration in the longer term. It was reported that the Village Hall has been used quite extensively over the last six months and the pattern of bookings continues into the winter.

The Village Hall will be used as a Polling Station on Thursday 15th November for the first election of a Police and Crime Commissioner for the Wiltshire Constabulary.

6 Social Events-Harvest Pie Night Saturday 20th October
Everyone was encouraged to support the next social event, which is a Harvest Pie Night which is to be held in the Village Hall on Saturday the 20th October.

7 Neighbourhood Watch
The Clerk informed the meeting that he had received a request from the local police that we all ensure that our garages and sheds are kept securely locked, as there has been a marked rise in the number of thefts from outbuildings in recent weeks. We are also asked to deface our mowers, hedge cutters and other valuable garden equipment with distinctive paint, to deter thieves, as they are then much more difficult to sell on.

It was also reported that thieves have made two attempts, in the last month, to steal tools and equipment from North Farm

8 Any other business
There was no other business.

9 Date of the Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday the 10th October 2012.

Gordon Evans - Clerk to Norton Bavant Parish Meeting - Wednesday 13th March 2013

Notes from previous meeting: 14 March 2012

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