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Minutes of Parish Meeting  

Minutes of the meeting of Norton Bavant Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 16th October 2013 in Norton Bavant Village Hall, at 7.30 pm.

Present:Geoffrey Frost ( Chairman), Gordon Evans ( Clerk), Liz Dawson, Mike Wooldridge, John Acworth, Didee Acworth, Suzanne Newman, Pat Frost, Gill Cowley, Mike Edgar, Viv Edgar, Gareth Kemp, Ann Tucker, Graham Connellan, Hilary Connellan, David Charles, Catherine Parker, and Edward Moore.

1 Apologies
Apologies were received from: Jo Evans, John Parker, Lena Eijvergard, Jon Pollard, Jane Wooldridge, Andrew Lane, Rowena Lane, and  Ian Newman.

2 Minutes of the meeting held on the 13th March 2013
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising (not listed on the agenda)
There were no matters arising.

4 The development, funding and use of the amenities in Norton Bavant.
The Clerk introduced a paper he had drafted entitled,” Norton Bavant Amenity Fund, Review October 2013” and answered a number of questions. Much of the discussion focussed on the future and on the suggestion that the social events should in future be focussed on the younger people in the village with them taking the lead in setting the programme and organising the events. This proposal was broadly accepted as the way forward.The Clerk undertook to write to newcomers to the Village to invite them to contribute to the Amenity Fund.

5 Social Events
It was agreed that we will hold another post Christmas event in the Village Hall.

6 Neighbourhood Watch
The clerk reported that the Neighbourhood Watch Team are still advising householders to deter criminals by ensuring  that their sheds and garages are securely locked and that equipment is very well marked with the householders identity.

7 Any other business
Dog FoulingSuzanne Newman raised a concern about the sudden increase in Dog Mess on the roads and verges of the Village. Dog owners have a personal  responsibility to clear up their dog’s mess and to take it home and place it in their bins. The locations which were identified as of particular concern are ; the road and verges from Pillbox Cottage to South Farm, the lane from the Jubilee seat to Corner Cottage, the Byway from the Jubilee seat towards the Old Vicarage, and School Lane. The Clerk reported that he had recently raised this matter with Wiltshire Council. Concerns were also Raised about dogs fouling on the Village Field. The clerk was asked to write to dog owners regarding this matter.

Parking congestion in the middle of the Village. Suzanne Newman said that several people had asked her to raise this matter at the meeting. .There are now a considerable number of vehicles parked in the centre of the village overnight and at weekends. Some vehicles are badly parked; blocking the road, obstructing peoples drives and preventing large and emergency vehicles from getting through. It was recognised that there is no easy solution to this problem although several options were considered.  The Clerk was asked to raise the concern with the Police, to look into the matter further and to write to the households involved.

The Jubilee Seat. Graham Connellan reported that he had spoken to Mike Ersser who is concerned that the Jubilee Seat, and its base,  is in need of some maintenance and repair. The meeting values the Jubilee seat. Graham undertook to ask Mike Ersser to get some details of the repairs which are required together with some estimates. It was indicated that there  may be some grant aid support available for such a project.

A Village Precept. The Clerk indicated that the meeting is required to determine whether it would like to apply to Wiltshire Council for a Parish Precept for the 2014/15 financial year. It is recognised that the Village Amenities are currently founded through voluntary donations to the Amenity Fund. It was pointed out that  a precept would have the advantage that the costs of the amenities would be shared by all households but it was determined not to apply for a precept for Norton Bavant for the 2014/15 financial year.

8 Date of the Next Meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting will be held on Wednesday the 12th March 2014.

Gordon Evans - Clerk to Norton Bavant Parish Meeting - 18th October 2013

Notes from previous meeting: 13 March 2013


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