Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Amenity Fund  

Everyone enjoys the benefits of having the Village Hall and the Playing Field right on our doorstep, it provides an opportunity to attend regular social events and it offers an opportunity to meet and spend time with our neighbours. All this contributes to a greater sense of community and a better quality of life in Norton Bavant.

So that we can continue to enjoy the benefits of living in Norton Bavant, each year every household in the Village is invited to contribute or raise funds for the Village amenities that are available to us in Norton Bavant.

In order to maintain and improve the Village Hall and Playing Field we need to raise at least £1,500 per annum and the easiest way to do this is for each household to join the Covenant Scheme whereby each household promises to pay a regular amount to the Amenity Fund. It couldn't be simpler, you decide on the annual amount that you can afford to donate, for example £50 each year or £100 each year. Then you decide whether you want to pay your instalments monthly or quarterly by standing order or as a one-off annual payment.

Whatever amount you decide to covenant to the Norton Bavant Amenity Fund we can benefit from an additional 25% (on top of your donation) that the Fund can claim back from the Inland Revenue because we are a Registered Charity.

We would like to thank those of you who are already paying a regular donation into the Fund and we look forward to receiving more convenants from the other households in the Village.

If you would like to contribute to the Norton Bavant Amenity Fund please email Mike Wooldridge.


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