Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene Norton Bavant Snow Scene
Transcription of the 1891 Census for the Parish of
Norton Bavant

The following pages have been transcribed from the original census returns. The following should be noted:

  1. The normal convention has been followed whereby original spellings have been retained, even when obviously incorrect, eg Marn Hull instead of Marnhull, and Louie instead of Louise.
  2. The 3 columns detailing habitation have been omitted.  In the few cases where a property was not habited, this has been indicated in the Name column. 
  3. In comparison to the 1901 census, there is no postal numbering system within the village in 1891 and most properties are just recorded under “The Village”.  However the schedule does seem to follow roughly the same route around the parish.
  4. It is interesting to note the absence of heads of household of both the Mill House and the Manor House.  A note by a researcher on the Ancestry site states that the parents of Mary Jeans and her siblings at the Mill House were away at their grandparents’ house on census day and so no head of household was recorded.

Transcribed by Hilary Connellan

Schedule No Road, Street or Name of House Name & Surname Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age last Birthday Profession or Occupation 1. Employer, 2. Worker or 3. Own Account Where Born
          Male Female   1. 2. 3.  
  The Tyning  Uninhabited                  
1 Middleton Farm House Sarah Hill Head W   65 General Servant (domestic)   X   Wilts, Bishopstrow
    Harry Hill Son   24   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Frank Hill Son   22   "   X   "
2 Nr. Middleton Frederick Moody Head M 36   Agricultural Labourer   X   Hants, Sutton Scotney
    Ellen Moody Wife M   26         Hants, Lymington
    Louie Moody Daughter     9 Scholar       Hants, Milford
      Edith Moody "     8 "       Hants, Lymington
    Alice Moody "     6 "       Hants, Newton
    Frederick Moody Son   3           Hants, Pennington
    Florence Moody Daughter     5 mo         Wilts, Norton Bavant
    William Young Lodger S 24   Agricultural Labourer   X   Hants, Portman Common
    Thomas Stokes Lodger W 49   "   X   Wilts, Corton
3 " George Wait Head M 70   "   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Lucy Wait Wife M   65         Wilts, Horningsham
    Alfred Wait Son S 17   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Florence E Wait Grandau'ter     5 Scholar       Wilts, Norton Bavant
4 " Sidney Young Head M 27   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Heytesbury
    Hannah M Young Wife M   26         Wilts, Sutton Veny
    Herbert Smith Stepson   8   Scholar       "
    William Young Son   6   "       Wilts, Tytherington
    James S Young "   4           Wilts, Sutton Veny
    Mary Young Daughter     3         "
    Annie E Young "     1         "
5 " Charles Major Head M 59   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Swindon
    Jane Major Wife M   67         Wilts, Barford St Martin
6 North Farm Cottages John Everett Head M 24   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Sutton Veny
    Emily Everett Wife M   24         Wilts, Knooke
    Florence Everett Daughter     6 Scholar       Wilts, Boreham
    John Everett Son   4   "       "
    Rhoda Everett Daughter     2         Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Thomas Cooper Grandfather W 78   Agricultural Labourer retired       Wilts, Sutton Veny
7 " Charlie Young Head M 24   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Heytesbury
    Emily Kate Young Wife M   21         Wilts, Warminster
    Beatrice K Young Daughter     10 mo         Wilts, Heytesbury
8 " Henry J Grist Head M 35   Farm Bailiff   X   Somerset, Frome
    Sarah O Grist Wife M   35         "
    Florence H Grist Daughter     8 Scholar       "
      Louie A E Grist "     6 "       Wilts, Amesbury
9 Norton Lodge Frank Sheppard Head M 49   Shepherd Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Warminster
    Emma Sheppard Wife     51         Somerset, Bath
    Annie Sheppard Daughter     18 Servant Domestic   X   Wilts, Bishopstrow
    Amelia Sheppard "     15 "    "   X   "
    George Sheppard Son   11   Scholar       "
    Albert Ingram Boarder   9   "       Wilts, Boreham
10 Norton Vicarage Edward Eliot Head M 64   Vicar of Norton Bavant       West Indies, Barbadoes
    Elizabeth H Eliot Wife M   50         Warwicks, Halford
    Emily M Eliot Daughter S   18         Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Margaret Fussell Aunt W   72 Living on own means       Durham, Durham
    Louise A Payne Servant S   15 Housemaid (Domestic)   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
11 Manor House Mary Poolman " S   32 "   X   "
    Elizabeth Sheppard " S   16 "   X   Wilts, Bishopstrow
    Frank Emm " " 19   Groom (Domestic)   X   Wilts, Fisherton de la Mere
    Edward Haines " " 25   Foreman (Domestic)   X   Wilts, Heytesbury
12 Norton Mill House Mary K Jeans Daughter     10 Scholar       Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Gertrude E Jeans "     10 "       "
    Percell C Jeans Son   7   "       "
    Frances E A Swayne Servant S   23 Domestic Servant   X   Wilts, Steeple Langford
    Charlotte Butler " "   20 General servant (Domestic)   X   Somerset, Frome
13 South Farm House John Hiscock Head M 39   Farmer X     Dorset, West Stour
    Emily A Hiscock  Wife M   38     X   "
    Ella H K Hiscock Daughter     12 Scholar       "
    Harold G Hiscock Son   10   "       Dorset, Marn Hull
    Victor H H Hiscock "   8   "       "
    Gerald C Y Hiscock "   3   "       "
    Robert Jas Cree Boarder   18   Farm Pupil       Wilts, Corsley
14 The Village George Snelgrove   W 76   Gardener Domestic   X   Dorset
    Mary Moore Servant W   45 Housekeeper   X   Dorset, Sturminster Newton
15 George F White Head S 34   Gardener Servant     X London
    James White Brother " 36   General Labourer     X "
16 " Joseph Clark Head M 37   Coachman Domestic   X   Somerset, Clevedon
    Emma Clark Wife M   38         Wilts, Kington St Michael
    Reginald J Clark Son   8   Scholar       Somerset, Wookey
    George E Clark "   1           Wilts, Norton Bavant
17 " William Snelgrove Head M 47 Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Boreham
    Fanny L Snelgrove Wife M   43 Laundress   X   Wilts, Chitterne
    Alice K Snelgrove Daughter     17 Servant Domestic   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Eliza A Snelgrove "     15 "   X   "
    Walter W Snelgrove Son   13   General Servant    X   "
    Oliver Snelgrove "   10   Scholar       "
    Ivan Snelgrove "   7   "       "
    Ernest Snelgrove "   5   "       "
    Frederick A Snelgrove "   3           "
18 " Thomas Northeast Head M 41   Gardener Domestic Servnt   X   Wilts, Alderbury
    Susan Northeast Wife M   39         "
    Bessie Northeast Daughter     14 Servant Domestic   X   "
    Harry Northeast Son   11   Scholar       "
    Frank Northeast "   7   "       Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Thomas Northeast "   10   "       "
    Emily Northeast Daughter     5 "       "
    Edgar Northeast Son   3           "
19 " Tom T Shepherd Head M 41   Carpenter & Cabinet Maker     X Wilts, Heytesbury
    Sarah A Shepherd Wife M   43         Wilts, Norton Bavant
20 " John Ransome Head W 72   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Henry Foley Son-in-law M 33   General Labourer   X   Wilts, Heytesbury
    Annie Foley Daughter M   28         Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Henry Holland Foley Grandson   3           "
21 " John Wigmore Head M 63   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Tytherington
    Jane Wigmore Wife M   62         Wilts, Norton Bavant
22 " George Imber Head M 38   Gardener (Domestic)   X   Wilts, Sutton Veny
    Eliza J Imber Wife M   35         "
23 " Job Payne Head M 45   Miller (Working)   X   Wilts, Crockerton
    Mary J Payne Wife M   40         Wilts, Melksham
    William H Payne Son   18   Gardener Domestic Sr.   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Harriet J Payne Daughter     11 Scholar       "
    Edward R Payne Son   9   "       "
    Mary K Payne Daughter     7 "       "
    Herbert C Payne Son   1           "
24 The Village Albert Smith Head M 46   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Ann Smith Wife M   40         Wilts, Berwick St Leonard
    Probert W Smith Son   17   Blacksmith's Apprentice   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Sarah A Smith Daughter     15 General Servant Domestic   X   "
    Catherine Pearce Mo'r-in-law W   62 Living on own means       Wilts, Heytesbury
    Jas Wm Pearce Boarder   8   Scholar       Unknown
    Amy M Pearce "   6   "       "
25 " Herbert Paddock Head M 33   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Whiteparish
    Charlotte A Paddock Wife M   33         London, Shoreditch
    Olive Ann Paddock Daughter     2         Hants, Michelmarsh
    William S H Paddock Son   1           Hants, Grateley
26 " Lionel Snelgrove Head M 25   Blacksmith X     Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Minnie L Snelgrove Wife M   26         Wilts, Warminster
27 " Charles Ford Head M 25   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Crockerton
    Annie Ford Wife M   21         North Wales, Abergavenny
    Elizabeth Ford Daughter     3 Scholar       Wilts, Crockerton
    James W Ford Son   1           "
28 " James C Taylor Head M 31   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Alice R Taylor Wife M   24         Wilts, Warminster
    Violet R Taylor       9 mo         Wilts, Sutton Veny
29   George Howell Brother S 37   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Heytesbury
    Sidney Howell Head M 34   "   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Emma Howell Wife M   32         Wilts, Sutton Veny
    Mary Howell Daughter     6 Scholar       Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Ellen Howell "     5 "       "
    Sidney Howell Son   3           Wilts, Sutton Veny
30   Elizabeth Fairclough Head S   67 Living on own means       Cheshire, Tranmere
    Mary Fairclough Sister "   65 "       Lancashire, West Derby
31 " Robert Webber Head M 73   Agricultural Labourer retired       Somerset, Waford
    Susan Webber Wife M   70         "
32 " Jane Andrews Head W   69         London, Chiswick
    James Andrews Son S 49   Agricultural Labourer   X   Dorset, Blandford
33 " John G Ransome Head M 36   "   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Elizabeth J Ransome Wife M   39         Wilts, Bishopstrow
    Edward Ransome Son   14   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Dennis G Ransome Son   12   Scholar       "
    William Ransome Son   9   "       "
    Ellen Ransome Daughter     5 "       "
    Alice Maria Ransome Daughter     3         "
    Stanley A Ransome Son   2 mo           "
34 " Stephen Snelgrove Head M 53   Baker & Farmer X     "
    Elizabeth Snelgrove Wife M   52         Wilts, Heytesbury
    Arthur H Snelgrove Son   12   Scholar       Wilts, Norton Bavant
  School House Uninhabited                  
35 The Village George Weedon Head M 35   Butler Domestic Servant   X   Hertfordshire, St Stephens
    Henrietta Weedon Wife M   30         Somerset, Batheaston
36 " John Hill Head M 61   Agricultural Labourer   X   Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Harriet Hill Wife M   61         Wilts, Boyton
    Edward G White Boarder   9   Scholar       Wilts, Warminster
37 Heytesbury Road Thomas Churchill Head M 29   Agricultural Labourer   X   Devon, Honiton Cliff
    Elizabeth A Churchill Wife     24         Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Percy C Churchill Son   4   Scholar       Wilts, Bishopstrow
    Arthur W Churchill "   2           "
  Sutton Veny Road George Leaven Best Head M 30   Agricultural Labourer   X   London, Bermondsey
    Sarah Best Wife M   21         "
    Frederick G Best Son   1           Wilts, Norton Bavant
    Lilian E Best Daughter     2 mo         Wilts, Norton Bavant
End of the Parish of Norton Bavant                
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